I’ve worked progressively more closely with Lisa over 7 years I’ve known her. As Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce Chairman, Lisa’s contributions both personally and professionally have been invaluable. At a critical time of leadership transition, she coached the leadership team adding a level of stability amidst the uncertainty that comes with any organizational change. We engaged her to help develop a long-term strategy. I’ve been through many strategic planning processes, but this one was different. I’m still not sure how she managed to get such a breadth of input and move us to swift completion of solid strategic initiatives that for two years have been an active roadmap for the executive committee. As President, New York City Markets, for TD Bank, Lisa’s coaching has helped develop one of our key marketing leaders.
Peter Meyer, TD Bank

Lisa Bing has a serious and demanding insight to organizational issues which helped our development into professionally addressing team and staff development needs. Requiring that we analyze our resources and dynamics worked wonders when we needed to make important turning point decisions as a management team and as a mission driven institution. Lisa Bing has immediate assets and impact to offer to organizations working through the difficult obstacles of groups who want to remain impactful in difficult times.
David Addams, Esq., ED, Oliver Scholars Program

I have received wonderful feedback from trustees and students about your keynote presentation last night, and I agree with them all. They have commented on your thoughtful advice, and how your manner combines authority and approachability. Thank you for making the evening work so well.
Elizabeth Leiman Kraiem, ED, Jewish Foundation for Education of Women

Guess what? I won the Leadership Award in the organization New York Cares. You definitely deserve a lot of the credit for this, because I have been implementing the leadership and management techniques you taught me! Also, I shared what I learned with my colleague, who also won the award. We were selected as outstanding Team Leaders in New York Cares (which has more than 50,000 members) because we knew how to listen to the volunteers, set clear goals in meetings, make sure volunteers had all the tools and skills to do their jobs, and we incorporated their unique interests into the program. I am so grateful to you for really teaching me useful knowledge that has helped me create a productive and enjoyable environment for the kids and the adults in the program. Thank you so much for conveying not just knowledge but wisdom.
Britta Kirschner, New York Cares

I wanted more. You get to the point and get people thinking which is not easy to do these days. I am glad I attended your seminar – Thank you.
Peter Petino, Active Transport

Though a top performer, one of our senior leaders wanted to further develop the skills needed to interact with the Board and other senior leaders within and outside the organization. Lisa’s effective and individualized coaching approach was able to provide the knowledge desired to strengthen this senior leader’s confidence and allow them to further demonstrate to others the critical skills they bring to the job every day.
Tom Early, Executive Director, Health Plus

Lisa you really came through for us. You zeroed in on our needs and tailored our retreat in a way that got our energetic and opinionated members focused on the key priorities quickly. You helped us create realistic plans that set us up to implement one of our strategic projects that is now being submitted to compete for a national award. Our leadership team appreciated your responsiveness and the ease with which we were able to do what we needed to do. Thanks again.
Yvonne Presha, [Past] President, Brooklyn Links

I have known Lisa Bing through our common board work well over five years now and through the work she did to guide us as we updated our strategic plan. She is an excellent facilitator who is able to keep group meetings focused and on topic. Her insightful questions reveal her quick grasp of the critical issues and her thoughtful suggestions to improve an organization’s decision making process. Lisa is a seasoned consultant who can relate to and interact with any level of management or staff. Her work produces immediate productivity gains and promotes better workflow on a number of fronts. I heartily recommend Lisa for any of your management consulting needs.
Fredric J. Hugue. Board Member and Treasurer, Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce, Inc.