Bing Consulting works with leaders who want to extend their influence and executives who want to improve workplace performance. Founded in 1996, Bing Consulting has attracted such A-list clients as Deutsche Bank, Procter & Gamble, Verizon, New York City Police Department, The American Cancer Society, Girls Inc. and others.

A Track Record of Success…

-Increase Influence-
An experienced and accomplished C-Suite executive in a health care company increases her influence with the Board of Directors and external stakeholders as a result of executive coaching and her desire to go to the next level. An added bonus… her improvements subtly improve communication and team functioning of the executive leadership team overall.

-Improve Collaboration and Inclusiveness-
The Senior Vice President of a national corporation charges the directors of three separate yet related technical divisions to create a plan to reorganize into one department. Maximum buy-in from the analysts and team leaders who will implement the reorganization is expected. With team coaching and consulting, the three directors develop an implementation plan using an interactive approach that is inclusive of both analysts and team leaders while their personal leadership effectiveness improves in the process.

-Create Strategy-
A prominent business organization has a leadership change at the top and the business strategy needs to be refreshed. With expert facilitation and management consulting, the executive leadership team and executive board develop strategic initiatives within five months, from start to finish (when it was presented publicly). The strategy reflects input from multiple stakeholders, receives significant buy-in and is actively used to direct resources and business decisions two years later.

Services Provided
-Executive Coaching/Leadership Team Coaching
-Expert Facilitation
-Assessment & Management Consulting